A brief history of click it is free a site where you can find free offers* from various online sites such as cash giveaways, coupons, travel and much more…

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At Medina’s Group back in 2010 after a meeting and discussing about a new niche for a new site and we came up with the idea of creating a niche website that will offer free offers from any online merchant and so we had to come up with a clever web domain name luckily clickitisfree.com was available and thus making it possible to create this niche.

In the beginning because we were new to the Internet had no idea on how to build this site so we try something similar like you see here today, but we didn’t like it so we left it for later and so then clickitisfree.com has been like a Social Network since then until a few weeks back (April 2015) but because the lack of users we decide to abandon that and get back to the original Niche Idea. We came up with this site on April 2015 and that represents how we envision clickitisfree.com back in 2010. So that’s it.

* You most follow the advertiser’s instructions to be able to get their offer.

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